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In August 2018, we said goodbye to bricks and mortar, and started living full-time in our 1988 Ford Transit Travelhome, named "Faith".


In 2022, Faith was given a bit of colour, by two Graffiti Artists. “Inca Mole” painted the Glastonbury Tor on the driver’s side and the Mole on the rear, and “Murals by Sarah” painted the War of the Worlds on the passenger’s side.


In late 2019 we started building our very own self built Home on Wheels, with a 1984 VW LT35 Luton Van named "Bess". We finished and moved into her in March 2020, days before the first Covid lock-down!


Whilst we are static in "Bess" we still have "Faith" to travel and explore in... a home from home!

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