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About Retro Ratz

Hello, we are RETRO RATZ...

We are Vloggers regarding classic vehicles, vanlife and self builds. Retro Ratz are the married duo Peggy-Sue and Chloe Ford. We have been together since May 1996, and have been married since August 1999. We love classic vehicles, having owned and own more than a handful ourselves.

We have built our own off grid workshop, to work and restore our vehicles in.

Since August 2018, we also said goodbye to bricks and mortar, and live full-time in our 1988 Ford Transit Travelhome, named "Faith". Then in late 2019 we started building our own self built Home on Wheels, with a 1984 VW LT35 Luton Van named "Bess". We finished and moved into her in March 2020. Whilst we are static in "Bess", we still have "Faith" to travel and explore in... a home from home! Now that we love to travel and explore, whether by Walking, Driving, Riding or Boating; we absolutely love taking you with us too... so come join us!!!

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